Banga Bandanaz discuss the origins of his name, his new mixtape “Hennessy Thoughts”, no longer doing rap battles, being incarcerated and more!

Beyond The Lens – Independent hip-hop artist Banga Bandanaz just gave us the inside scoop on his life behind his musical journey that goes beyond the microphone. Being one of the most creative lyricists to capture the interest of listeners with clever wordplay that connect punchlines with rear metaphors many would not think about it. He recently made an appearance on a webseries titled “Homocide Hartford” that continues to strengthen its buzz through its cities and neighboring states.


After finishing up a lot of stuff over the week, I was finally able to finish up an interview I did with the artist over messenger sometime ago. I hope you enjoy it!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Banga Bandanaz*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Banga Bandanaz!? I’m definitely happy to share this memorable moment with you on Internet Hollywood. This is your first interview with us and we look forward to seeing your name back again on our front pages. Before we get started could you please introduce yourself and let our readers know what you do?


Bandanaz: I am Banga Bandanaz aka Bandanaz Tha Don, hip hop/gangster artist coming out of Hartford, CT. Lets get it started.


Internet Hollywood: What made music the center force of your focus for a career-goal and when does the name “Banga Bandanaz” come into the picture?


Bandanaz: Because music has always been a way for me to express myself, my mother stop rapping because she was pregnant with me. I kind of feel like she passed me the mic 🎤like here it’s your turn now make it happen, lol.


Internet Hollywood: Nobody could deny how talented you are as a musician. You’re very complex with your rhymes and very intense in your delivery and metaphors. What gave birth to this style and why do you feel its important to change up your flow to balance it?


Bandanaz: First off, thank you, I appreciate that my G. And what gave birth to my style was dealing with a few dudes from Dipset early 2000 when I was traveling to the Bronx making this happen out there. I got into a battle with a member of Dipset the day of Hell Rell’s welcome home party on weeks block an I lost lol. But he told he why I lost and he said he heard my flow before insinuating I was being different or unique with my lyrics. It had me down for a moment but I understood as time went on and began to be myself when I write and it started to gain more attention, so shout to him.


Internet Hollywood: Now I noticed you were in rap battles in the past. Is there any chance you may be going back to that as well?


Bandanaz: No more rap battles for me, I never wanted to be known for rap battle because people that rap battle get labeled as just rap battle n****z and I think I’m creating good songs, also It’s more satisfying to me when I put together a track than tear someone down that I don’t know.

Internet Hollywood: What are some of the projects that you are working on now?


Bandanaz: I’m working on a mix cd called “Hennessy thoughts” which features a few songs I have out now like “Lil N****,” “F**k Diddy” and a few others. You probably see me performing on someone’s live or on footage I uploaded personally, also I’m working on an all original cd called the peace keeper, no song has been released or heard from that project, but there two completely different sounds lyrically an beat wise.


Internet Hollywood: I also noticed most of the content you put out had more of an aggressive sound. Do you plan on watering down your music at all in the future to attract a different crowd to expand more?


Bandanaz: I can tell what the future holds for me as for as content. All I can say is I speak on a lot of realistic topics and situation that occurs daily in the lifestyle that I’m living, I have a lot of fire in my heart right now, but can say that the peace keeper album will be a little more settle and topic-based for a wider fan base.


Internet Hollywood: What will it take for you to drop the microphone and never write another song again?


Bandanaz: I dropped the mic when I was doing that long bid in jail an didn’t write for years I had been threw so much with my music that people didn’t realize or no about that is became overwhelming, I’ve been arrested an harassed by the police for my content an music videos an all that , homicide Hartford video was used in the academy police training to set a maker to what to expect in Hartford city community you had cops who admired me an some who took it as a challenge an also hated me an wanted to see if I was as tough as I appeared on record and video. My support team and fans help me pick the mic back up an I will never put it down again.


Internet Hollywood: Where do you see yourself when its all said and done and you’re at the stage you want to be?


Bandanaz: I see myself giving back to my community and coming to grab those who I feel deserve that shot. I also see myself showing the world we should have never been looked over here in CT and that we are as good, if not better, than anyone currently representing hip-hop culture today.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Bandanaz!


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