Banga Bandanaz, Hustle Crack, Sqruillz & More Reveals Their Top CT Artists With Jinkx & Baghdad


Prince Vega –  Page 1 of “Diary Of My City” by Jinkx and Baghdad has been released and multiple artists are receiving the support they deserve by fellow artists who believes in their city enough to put matters in their own hands to do something to change it for the better.


In this diary, Jinkx and Baghdad explores the underground world of music within the Connecticut urban communities. The artists talks about what inspired them to do music and who there top three Connecticut artists is at the time. Each artist also putted their lyrics where their mouths were and  spit a freestyle at the end of their interviews.


The publicity behind it is working in their favor now that our reporters have gotten a hold of it. Each artist will now share a publication on Internet Hollywood that gives our readers more on the background of each artist. This will help readers get familiar with the faces they see being reported on repeatedly.


Diary Of My City” is described as “a project directed towards bringing attention to the local talent, businesses, community and many other skills and involvements with helping us thrive as a state.” There is no set date to when the dvd will be released at this moment. You can watch chapter one of the diary by clicking the link below.

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