Banga Bandanaz releases his new ‘Free Smoke’ music video, video views quickly enters the thousands

Musicians – Independent Connecticut hip-hop artist Banga Bandanaz isn’t taking any chance in letting the energy behind his music die down and election day isn’t even safe from the new releases. The hip-hop artist released another music video titled ‘FREE SMOKE’ on his social media and video platforms and is already receiving a whole lot of attention following the single’s release. The song on Facebook has generated over 100 shares and streams for the music video has reached over 1.3k and that number is expected to rise.


The release of the song comes after Banga Bandanaz ‘Trendsetter‘ freestyle continued the blaze set by many projects released in the past,  including some from rap feuds with other artists in the state of Connecticut. The buzz of ‘Trendsetter’ pushed streams to about 13.3k on Facebook signaling a very good sign for an artist operating on the independent scale. Look at it this way, if these were digital sales Banga’s influence will open doors only a very few seen in the talented state of Connecticut.


It’s clear Banga Bandanaz acknowledges the energy his music is bringing him and he has decided to ride the wave of that energy by putting out more music at an alarming rate for people to continue to enjoy. In this song, he continues to bring his clever wordplay, massive punchlines, and story-telling type of bars that his listeners love his music for. Check out the music video below!


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