Banga Bandanaz Voted One Of The Most Dangerous Lyricist From Connecticut In Internet Hollywood!

BANGA EDIT 2Mayhem Music local hall of fame artist is now documented in Internet Hollywood as one of the most dangerous lyricist in Connecticut. Banga Bandanaz lyrical rhyme style delivers an explosive amount of bars equipped with wordplay like its ammunition. The powerful verse he uses to pressure tracks with incredible lines finds its way into our minds every time he flows. Banga continues to deliver creative lines uniquely through beats with a style that’s similar to story telling. The known AQG member stands against the best when stepping into the booth to shoot off lyrics at every beat he targets with the hardest bars. The growing artist dominating the Connecticut underground was voted into the local Hall Of Fame two years ago before the merging underground of the Mayhem era became a circuit on Internet Hollywood. Banga Bandanaz was submitted into the voting system of our universe by Prince Vega before our private commitee of thirteen placed their votes. Banga Bandanaz earned eight votes out of the thirteen and easily entered our realm as one of the most dangerous artists from Connecticut seen in Internet Hollywood for the first time!

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