Banga Bandanaz, Young Spade, Pure Pro and more to perform at Charcoal Grill in Hartford, CT on May 31st

Mayhem MusiKk – Park street in Hartford, CT is going to be a night to remember when these talented artist collide on the stage of Charcoal Grill on May 31st. I recently was tagged in a flier that listed a few of the names that will be performing that night: Banga Bandanaz, Young Spade, Tino Franklin and more. I’m sure this is going to be a show worth attending.

The showcase will include bar specials and music by DJ QT. The event is 21 years and over and will be located on 1995 Park Street. Doors open at 5 p.m. and mic fee is $5. This is definitely a place to tune in if your looking for high energetic hip hop. I’m loving the lineup so far and look forward to writing about each of these artists future performance.

Pure Pro and Banga Bandanaz are no strangers to getting published on Internet Hollywood and a quick search through our engines will show you that fact. Banga Bandanaz has been published four times and Pure Pro has been published six times. Pure Pro also performed at Internet Hollywood’s first party of the year in April.

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