Barbie Gonzalez Reveals Her Biggest Fear, Plans On Building Her Brand & More!

barbie gonzalez 4Prince Vega – Upcoming Massachusetts modelBarbie Gonzalez has a lot to be proud about when it comes to her recent accomplishments. She has only been known to Internet Hollywood for one month and has made front page news three times since her last published story. The increase in headlines is an indicator that things are working in her favor and she’s growing slowly in our digital universe. If she nails four more front page stories in this month she’ll be the fastest headlining debut from Massachusetts in Internet Hollywood’s history.

The huge increase in publicity could be happening for a number of reasons. We could assume she’s winning over our committee members slowly while her submissions remains under review or her engagement in the field of modeling has been rather active. As that happens we decided to catch up with the model to learn more about her current focus now that her birthday has recently passed. She gave us a clear view of her focus on working on her brand with hopes of expanding.

“The current focus at the moment is brand building,” she said. “Taking pictures is fine but in the end it only lasts for so long. My mind state is on creating a business brand that will last as the looks fade. Build and expand and never confine myself to just being a model.”

Q:  If you could build a brand what would be the core focus of it that you want people to recognize?

“I want people to connect with my open beauty policy. That policy is based on beauty can be in anyone. Yes there are those held to a high esteem, but that doesn’t mean they are the only beautiful people around.”

barbie gonzalez 3Q: What other ventures are you hoping to explore besides modeling? What is the one thing that’ll make you feel like “this is who I am” without second thinking it?

“Natural image consulting. A lot of women think they need to pound on layers of make up in order to look pretty. And honestly they don’t. You just need to know your skin and look and you would be able to achieve the same beauty without destroying your skin. I want to give a new meaning to “The Barbie Method”.

Q: Do you have any fear or anxiety when you think of the future at all and what you want to become? Do you feel like time is ticking and your wasting time sometimes? If so how do you get over that feeling?

“It’s only wastes time if you learn nothing from the experience. Every moment gives you a lesson to improve on. As long as you see it that way…you will never waste anytime. And as far as the clock ticking, in this industry time is fleeing. The look of today will be trash tomorrow. So I am always in the state of moving and trying to figure out what to do. Because every step forward is the closer you get to your goal. So I continue to move forward not because the future is in front of me…but because it stays with enough my reach”

Q: What is your biggest fear now when it comes to thought of your future?

“My biggest fear is to be satisfied. I don’t want to be so content with a little success that I let bigger success pass me by. A lot of girls fall into a lot of pit traps in this industry from model beefs, not listening to management to trusting the wrong people or getting stuck in the same genre. But the biggest trap I have seen is people get so involved in the likes and little fame that they don’t realize that there is much more out there for us as Models.”

Gonzalez has been strongly interested in being involved with Internet Hollywood and her work is starting to contribute with the amount of success she is seeing with our review board. She will also be tuning intoInternet Hollywood Radio on  June 21st, Tuesday, at 8:30pm (est.). You can tune into Internet Hollywood Radio by clicking “play” on the gray radio icon embed on the right hand side of the home page.

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