Barbie Gonzalez Speaks On Wanting To Become A Internet Hollywood Model: “I Would Be A Fool Not To”

barbie da boss gonzalezPrince Vega – It’s been a while since Prince Vega recruited a model in Massachusetts, but that may soon change since one upcoming model wants that opportunity as-well. Barbie “Da Boss” Gonzalez has been aiming to capture the attention of our representatives and slowly she’s been successfully doing so. She has been actively engaging on social media platforms with a collection of photos from shoots with local photographers to keep the eyes of her following occupied while she plans her next move that could soon be documented history in Internet Hollywood.


After learning about Gonzalez’s interest in wanting to pursue modeling for our brand I personally had to dig into her mind with some questions that stirred my curiosity. After finally being submitted for review we got her thoughts on what made her want to model for Prince Vega’s growing brand.

“It feels good to be acknowledged for all the hard work me and my team has put in to strengthen my brand,” she said. “Internet Hollywood has been at the forefront of when it comes to modeling talent. I would be a fool not to want want to be apart of the movement.”

barbie da boss gonzalez 3Our quest for answers didn’t stop there. We seek to gain knowledge from her views on what she feels she could bring to the table if she was selected. She kept her answers short and simple:

“As model I feel I bring a great deal of versatility to what ever shoot I do. From alternative to classy and high fashion. I can give Internet Hollywood that model that can give them that all around look that they have wanted to add to their roster.”

Within the next coming days it will be decided whether Gonzalez will be added to our Massachusetts lineup. It has been previously reported that another model by the name of Gatito Lugo is undergoing reviews by our second floor private committee as-well. Will Gonzalez be the next model from Massachusetts to be recruited to Internet Hollywood? We will have to wait and see. The excellent photographer work was done by Many Faces Photography.


You can find out more about Barbie “Da Boss” Gonzalez by tuning into Internet Hollywood Radio on Tuesday, June 15th at 8:30 p.m. (est.). The host will be Internet Hollywood’s founder Prince Vega.

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