Beast Mode: How Rapper Nardi went from shutting down Internet Hollywood Radio to shutting down the stage at the Internet Hollywood Party in 2017!

Underground Music -Independent rap artist Nardi has proven himself to be one of the greatest wordsmiths to ever put together words on a sheet of paper. He is a known artist in Connecticut’s music scene that has been establishing himself as an artist in today’s era of music with his own body of work that possesses its own sounds.


That same sound got him played on Internet Hollywood Radio enough to be considered for Internet Hollywood’s second party that took place on August 19th, 2017. Nardi’s influence on Vega’s decision to play more of his music was after he heard his song that included rapper Scalezthegreat.


Scalezthegreat is a visionary that brings sounds alive with beats he creates and lines he chooses to rhyme to make each bar match the melody he perfects with excellent production. Back on May 13th of last year, his team ended up with three songs in rotation during the last hour of Vega’s radio show.  Shortly after, Nardi was invited to perform at the Internet Hollywood party.


Nardi performed a couple of songs but kicked off his set with He appeared at the party with a small crowd that felt the vibe of the room and blended in as if he been there before. That vibe has lead Vega to contact Nardi this year with interest in showing more support to Nardi and his movement’s music career by lending marketing strategies and promotion. You could check out the song below!



Listen Now:

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