Beautiful Chaos releases jaw dropping selfies from her vacation in Las Vegas, Nevada

Social Media & Video – Massachusetts model Beautiful Chaos is making jaws drop after sharing new selfies from her well deserved vacation in Las Vegas, Nevada. The model has been posting photos from her resort since Monday morning on her Instagram and Facebook . The first set of photos we discovered shows the beautifully shaped model slaying in high heels while wearing a gorgeous dress. I’m not sure if the model was playing dress up or hitting the city after but either or she was stunning.


The second photo shows the model sitting in a bra and short skit while she sipped on a drink, a few feet away from the pool. The model later posted a more revealing photo that shows her in a short skirt and a bikini top. It felt like she was on the set of a photo shoot. I’m sure she was catching everyones attention.


Beautiful Chaos had spoke a lot about her upcoming vacation plenty of times before taking off. The model is a great friend of mine that always keeps me updated on what’s going on with her. It is pretty much the same way with me as well. She’s one of the very fun people that I felt I had to be cool with it. I appreciate the decision I made every time I speak with her. She’s a pretty awesome friend!


Chaos has been published in Internet Hollywood seven times.


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Instagram: Miss.Beautifulchaos

Facebook: Beautifulchaosmodel

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