Beautiful Chaos slayed a photo shoot with Rocky Knoll Photography before she tuned in to Internet Hollywood radio on Sunday

Social Media & Video  – While Internet Hollywood radio was live on Sunday Miss Beautiful Chaos was snapping necks in a new photo shoot with Rocky Knoll Photography. The model informed me about the shoot after finding out Internet Hollywood radio was live while it was happening. She told me that she will be tuning in if they finish up early and that’s exactly what she did. Chaos triggered our buzz alert around 10 p.m. Eastern time once she tuned into the show for the first time of the night. But that’s not what surprised me.


What surprised me most about Beautiful Chaos is the huge amount of work her and Rocky Knoll Photography put in hours before Internet Hollywood radio aired which was a little later than usual. She told me she believes a few hundred shoots were taken in different locations and one was near a barn that they had to walk about two miles to get to. She then showed me some of the pictures that blew me away from the moment I saw them. I just felt that I needed to share them.


Chaos posted a few pictures from the photo shoot on her social media pages for everyone to see. The photos give off an old 70’s vibe and shows the model strutting her gorgeous body with a scarf on up against a brick wall and wooden door. The caption of the photo reads:


“She always had a lil bit of that old hollywood glam <3

So much fun at todays shoot with one of my all time fav photographers!!!

Rocky Knoll Photography”


We are still waiting to see some more photos of Beautiful Chaos from the photo shoot. When we do we will be sure to share all the ones we can with you all.


Internet Hollywood radio comes on every Sunday and Tuesday from 5:00 to 11:30 p.m. eastern time.

~More Photos~


Instagram: Miss.Beautifulchaos

Facebook: Beautifulchaosmodel


Photographer: Rocky Knoll Photography

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