Beautiful & Pregnant: Model Nilka DeTorress’s baby bump gets all the love at the Internet Hollywood party

Internet Hollywood News – Model Nilka DeTorress was so beautiful and in charge last week at the Internet Hollywood party in Worcester, Massachusetts. She was one of the amazing minds behind some of the decisions that helped us throw the party earlier in the year. The first party was originally suppose to be thrown in late June/early July when beginning talks of the party happened. Thanks to Nilka DeTorress and Isabel Vinson’s it came a whole lot sooner.


DeTorress appeared at the party sometime after nine to set up food and beautifully colored balloons that stood alongside the 8-foot Internet Hollywood backdrop. The model could be seen posing in front of the backdrop with three young men who happens to be friends of model Alexa K. Pierce. In the picture, the well dressed gentlemen and Pierce could be seen rubbing the model’s beautiful baby bump while they posed for Peter D’arrigo.


Having her at the event really calmed the little anxiety I had throwing my first event. she provided the proper guidance I needed to ensure that everything was handled correctly and I wasn’t taking on too much all at once. I really appreciated her help and I love her and her beautiful family for helping me and my family as well.


The model will not be at the next event because her family will be welcoming a beautiful baby into this world!



Nilka DeTorress:   FacebookInstagram

Photographer: Peter D’arrigo

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