Beauty Shop owner Cren Lee discuss Ethics Beauty Supply latest deals and products; including vaporizers, ombré hair, ombré wigs, OS colors(oil slick), fashion glasses and more!

Beyond The Lens – Beauty Supply Shop owner Cren Lee of Ethics Beauty Supply has a lot to share in a recent interview we’ve been working on for a little over a month now. His supply shop has stocked up on some pretty cool new merchandise and his plans for expansion have been in full swing.


Cren has been a great supporter of Internet Hollywood and has attended a previous event of ours in the past. It was definitely good hearing about what he has going on. Enjoy the interview!!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Cren Lee*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Cren!? You have definitely been lighting up all of our social media pages with all the amazing things you have going on with Ethics Beauty Supply. We have been seeing fliers, photo shoots, new products for the beauty store, live videos, new models and more. Your year looks like it has been off to a great start. How has everything been going brother!? What are some of the things that you got going on now?


Lee: Some of the things I have going on! We expanded our merchandise (hair, makeup, fashion accessories etc.) selection at the shop. We are doing more collaborations with local talent/ people (models, makeup artists, entertainers etc.) The website is in the works and should be launching soon!!!


Internet Hollywood: You are definitely someone that doesn’t mind sharing your talent with new faces. You have been working with so many beautiful ladies and took incredible photos of them. I was able to catch some of your live videos on Instagram as well. Where do you find all of these stunning women and what has inspired you to share your talent behind the camera with people that are not as established as other independent models you worked with?


Lee: Yes thanks 🙏🏽 for acknowledging the models they are beautiful all of them inside and out! I love showcasing the talent for a few reasons; it promotes the business e.b.s. ethicsbeautysupply, I’m able to cross promote the models/talent whoever I collaborate with. I wanna equally achieve recognition for everyone. The find… how do I find the local talent? The common denominator is beauty & fashion. Most of my collaborations are with customers or friends whom I developed a trustworthy relationship and or my social media family. You style these models, do a little coaching and boom! Team ebs!!!


Internet Hollywood: You are clearly a storm of creativity. You are an awesome talent in photography, a business owner, and you promote the products from your shop inside of a lot of the shoots you do with models. Has it been easier marketing your product online because you know how to do photography?


Lee: Thank you ☺️ for noticing the work put into all the promotions, cross promoting, grinding, photo shoots etc. Photography is a definitely a tool/outlet to marketing and getting exposure, not sure if it’s easier but I can say it allows the whole team to get gratification. The models are in front of the camera 📷 doing they’re thang, the stylist and makeup artists for dolling the models up. Whoever played a roll in any of the collaborations, the finished product showcasing it all that usually returns gratification!


Internet Hollywood: You have been sharing a lot of products that you currently have in stock, honey stick vaporizers being one. What are some of the new things that you have in stock that you would like people to know about?


Lee: Ok some of the latest products added to the shop? Yeah, we added vaporizers! Shout out to the vape 💨 nation! Vaping is trending right now and the shop tends to follow trends and fads and we kinda find a way to incorporate the current trend/fads into the shop. Also what’s been a popular purchase are wigs!!! With recently expanding our selection it has been successful to customers looking for a variety of styles and colors. Examples: ombré hair, ombré wigs, OS colors(oil slick), mermaid 🧜🏽‍♀️ colors, pastels etc. Dude not to mention our fashion glasses 👓 the shades aka hater blockers are awesome 😎 plenty to choose and all trending! It’s so much to much to mention it all now lol 😆


Internet Hollywood: What are some of the deals you got going on right now?


Lee: Some of the deals I have going on right now are all professionals in the Cosmo world (cosmetologist) we offer 10% off I also discount for models, photographers etc. I plan on doing a spring cleaning sale for merch that needs to be moved or discontinued items I’ll be dropping the prices dramatically so stay tuned! If we’re collaborating I also discount and in some cases, I donate!


Internet Hollywood: I think I saw a post you did about you partnering up with someone involved in music. Care to share what that was about if you remember?


Lee: The post you seen about partnering up with someone involved in music… ebs (ethicsbeautysupply) we are a proud sponsor of several local groups. To name a few; Tajia New(hip-hop), Mystro(R&B), Sierra London(R&B), D.Moss(Poet), DJ Prince(DJ) etc. As a sponsor we discount, donate, offer personal services and cross-promote our sponsored artists. We have sponsored models, MUA(makeup artists), stylist too. I think I mentioned that before.


Internet Hollywood (Question 7): Is there a biggest vision for where you currently are right now in your career?


Lee:  The vision over at ebs. We were established in January 2003 as a Beauty Supply Shop, since then we evolved into a beauty supplier, available wellness products and a source for fashion accessories. You can say we’ve outgrown our current location, it’s small but effective. So ultimately we would like to own a bigger building to offer more products and professional services! Which I’m currently working on.


Internet Hollywood (Question 8): Last question; What are some of the things that you are working on right now?


Lee: Things I’m working on are as stated before looking for a bigger location and to hopefully purchase! I’m currently making a few edits to our new website soon to launch! 🚀 the site is under construction 🚧 coming very soon. Working on a lot more collaborations, with all kinds of talented people; models of course, photographers, MUA’s, Stylist, music artists, clothing brands and much more!!! Last year for the first time ebs participated in 2 parades the West Indian parade aka The Carnival and The Puerto Rican parade. We built our very own float together and blew 🔊 🔊 🔊 everyone away! If all goes well as we are currently planning, will do it again 2018 this Summer.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Lee! Keep up the amazing work!


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