BEEF: California Rapper Cthree Fires Shots At Mise & Rude Boy From Rap Group ‘SOS’ On Facebook

c three edit

Rapper Cthree is again making headlines in our Internet Hollywood universe after reportedly sending direct shots to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania rappers Mise & Rude Boy from the rap group S.O.S. The growing artist inside of our headlining universe continues to find his way into our front page by directing his words in a controversial way, but now is more direct. Despite receiving a compliment from rapper Mise for his subliminal shots towards Connecticut rapper Snacks Giggaty, he seam to can’t shake his way pass Cthree’s competitive attitude. Our journalists was made aware of the written bars targeting the rap group after discovering the shots from his Facebook fan page. 


Facebook status:

Its all about the art ,Cali Holding it down for HIPHOP
with music worth Listening
3rd eye tribe

quality over quantity any day
Some people rather throw together
a bunch of bullshit and call it music
… what a mise trap Smoke budda lol

… Cthree

Clearly it seams that Cthree is taking advantage over the hype  and is using it to thrive into the billboard charts as a top competitor. Cthree has already repeatedly headlined in our universe over his speculated subliminal shots, and it isn’t a surprise to see now he’s finding other ways to keep it that way. Cthree is well aware of what comes with headlining in Internet Hollywood. As the charts approach in the beginning of next month the top positions will be filled by the most headlining artists in our galaxy.

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