BEEF: S.O.S Member Rude Boy Fires Shots Back At California Rapper Cthree – Says He’s ‘Afraid’


S.O.S  member Rude Boy is really heated after hearing about what Cthree had to say about him and his brother. The growing celebrity rising in our universe is bursting out in flames with an aim strictly directed at Cthree for his diss. The artist didn’t hesitate to share how he felt about the situation after the social media realm heated up with the discussion on how S.O.S should handle the situation. A great majority of readers suggested that it would be best that Rude Boy ignore it, but judging by this response  its clear that-that isn’t going to happen.

Rude Boy response:

“Hahaha tooo funny I laugh at niggas like that,” he said. “We don’t acknowledge nobodies. Dudes a lame period. Why get mad over somebody who couldn’t even eat his snacks lol smh. Look, this track “talk to em” is for n****s like him.”

Rude Boy went on to analyze what he feels is the real reason why Cthree would shift his energy off Snacks Giggaty and aim it to them.

“He’s afraid,” he claimed.” Even fake n***** know real when they see it, and they get intimidated and act out on pure fear of being put on the back burner, because now there’s actually talent here and not just people saying words over a beat and thats understandable. But the issue with that is you chose the wrong ones like I said, you couldn’t even eat ya snacks and you tryna swallow steel. We here and we here to stay period! Oh, and one more thing, the fact that we was riding for him in his “so called” beef wit Snacks and he decided to diss us shows that hes intimidated period.”

Rude Boy is a debuting headliner inside of our galaxy that remains a force that have never been seen. His brother Mise has already made headlines in the past for backing Cthree after the California artist sent subliminal shots at Connecticut artist Late Nite Snacks. We will keep you all updated on the latest news developing as it becomes available to us!



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