Bekah The Photographer Changes Places – Teams Up With Photographer William Joseph In New Shoot

bekah editInternet Hollywood superstar William Joseph is showing off his skills with an absolutely adorable photographer by the name of Bekah. The artistic pair teamed up to put together a group of photos that is now making their debut in Internet Hollywood for the first time. William’s unique style mixed with Bekah’s stunning smile is a enough for our readers to chow on if they’re searching for a new taste in celebrities. The collection of photos also comes with gray and black images that shows Bekah in many different poses that fits her perfectly. The new debuting celebrity worked the short jeans she wore perfectly over her stockings; with an unbutton jean shirt that dangled loosely from both sides, she looked more than just beautiful. William’s perfect timing caught Bekah’s beautiful eyes at a moment that is now recorded history in Internet Hollywood. Our universe knows William has always had an eye for wondrous things, but Bekah is a new flower blossoming from a sacred crop that is grown out of her very own unique wonderland. By staring at Bekah in these incredible photos, it is easy to that tell she holds a vision that is unknown to Internet Hollywood at this time. William Joseph has even admitted that he admires her work more then his own in many ways, that he’s a fan, and that he see’s great potential in her artistic abilities. William Joseph is currently the 4th biggest male headliner in Internet Hollywood, and that will soon change as the month of December approaches.

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