Bella Makes Shocking Internet Hollywood Chart Debut – Voted #9 Top Model

casey 8Prince Vega – Mooi Model’s own Bella is getting a taste of success after our private committee voted in favor of her officially making her debut on our Top Model Charts at #9. The decision comes shortly after Model MiMi made her official debut on our top model charts at #10.


Bella’s growing power as an independent model in our universe is beginning to shape the way voting is done for newer models inside of Internet Hollywood. She is the second model to take down a top model position on our charts after dominating the fourth quarter of last year with two headlining stories. The model has made front page news three times in the past 3 months


Bella’s historic moment isn’t much of a shock to our private committee. Mooi Models are considered a growing powerhouse with dozens of celebrities from Internet Hollywood with a strong reputation. Model Isabel Vinson, Sherry Soto, Hollie Lehouillier, and Kiti Gunn are among a few familiar names that has made a name for the huge impact they had in Internet Hollywood in the past, some now.


Gaining a name in Internet Hollywood isn’t as easy as many would think with there being hundreds of models that are trying to break into our digital platform. The world will soon witness just how public Internet Hollywood is as the weeks bring us into warmer months where dozens of events will take place. As our party teams continues to grow, so will the planning for more exciting events like Internet Hollywood parties, red carpet events, award shows, and more. You can expect Bella to be one of the leading models attending the events whenever they do take place.


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