Beyond The Shadows: The Real Cristal Catalina

cristal oneThe growing storm that approaches the shores can wash away who we are through the pain we carried away with sorrow. The thought of being alone becomes home to the dark corner we hide ourselves in when we are unsure of ourselves. The reality behind the blind side is an imagination subconsciously programmed in our everyday hidden lives we bury under our smile. The power to understand enough to translate how a person feels inside is the opening key to a door unexplored by those who make excuses without transformation. The reflecting image is a wall that traps who we are inside. How can we hide? The balance between our days is lost through the dawn before night. The organized cycle of our “life” becomes systematically impaired with our beliefs in believing it is who we are. The limited power becomes a house of deception that lets in our twin that aligns with our shadows that closes our bodies into darkness. We then judge others by slandering them to find some relief in our energetic power as if we never cared. The recent rumors discrediting Cristal Catalina is nothing more than a hidden camera show for an act pulled by those beyond the shadows. Cristal’s enthusiastic mind to find fun in what she loves is above all what many may think who don’t understand. Her way of expressing herself is unique with a fabulous touch of heaven hidden under her beautiful flesh. The false tells by those that hide behind the mask fails to find a face because the reality is not what believers may think. Catalina has found magic in the trick of art by using her heart to empower the feeling of loving what she does and nobody can stop that. Her personality is down to the shores of the naked sea under paradise itself. Her scent of heaven embodies the forever lasting happiness that will come to whoever wins her heart.

catalinaThe thought of thinking otherwise supports lies that are only backed by those who show little of themselves and more of what they’ve heard. The incredibly talented loving mother grew through her struggles with a hustle that supports what’s positive in her life inside a negative world of rumors. I’ve learned that Cristal opens her heart to the opportunities given to support others at the time of need. The stunning beauty has reached far beyond the hearts of some within hours with her incredibly sweet attitude that supports the beauty outside from within her adorable body she takes good care of. She works incredibly hard for all she has and being in denial of that makes one questionable. Beyond the pictures that defines her work and talent for modeling is a godly being with a side that will light the hidden stars in our universe. Her smile is found in the good deeds we make which takes the metaphysical meaning of good and expands it across her magnificent body worth dying for. Cristal has overcame the aim of those that targeted to destroy an image that is by far beyond those who don’t understand. Her story is unlike any other. She is a living queen seen through photographs that invites you to a creative journey that has yet been explored. Anyone can imagine what its like to be Cristal Catalina. But the truth will always lie Beyond The Shadows.

cristal cat


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