Too Big To Fail: How Isabel Vinson Became The Marilyn Monroe Of Internet Hollywood

isabel new pictureMany models fail to realize why Isabel Vinson is the most famous female face in Internet Hollywood. We’ve explained it time after time how she played one of the biggest roles in the creation of Internet Hollywood’s model group ProjectXPlatinum. A lot of people are still unaware that Isabel Marie Vinson is the first model that Prince Vega recruited into Internet Hollywood before the site even existed. After helping Prince Vega design the blue print of his new idea she helped him create one of the biggest freelance modeling movements – ProjectXPlatinum. She educated Prince Vega on the ins and outs of running a successful organization that women all over the world would love. She educated him on the importance of having contests, giveaways, magazines, prizes, parties, and more. So how well did Prince Vega took Isabel’s advice? As you could see, things have been quite rocky with the organization as Prince Vega attempts to expand Internet Hollywood on other platforms. The increase in trying so many things out at once could have played a major role in slowing down ProjectXPlatinum’s original purpose. Thankfully when Prince Vega comes to his senses Isabel Vinson always reminds him on the importance of running a successful organization for models. Isabel has overcame the odds and grew a powerful base that she’s worked incredibly hard for. She has helped dozens of models all throughout the northeast find credible sources to expand their portfolio many of times. Nobody could discredit all the hard work it took for Isabel to reach the level she is at now. She has worked endlessly to help upcoming models establish a base to support their careers whenever they needed it. Prince Vega also admitted that if it wasn’t for Isabel Vinson he would of thought twice about running his own model organization. She alone organized ProjectXPlatinum’s fan page and kept track of everyone involved in the movement and contests. There is not enough words to describe just how amazing this Internet Hollywood superstar is. She continues to take risks for herself and the people she looks out for. Isabel is the very first model in Internet Hollywood that has trended through the entire website at one time. Still to this day Isabel Vinson had the longest trend in Internet Hollywood’s history, getting over 30 responses from Internet Hollywood “access” readers within minutes. Isabel also took the world by storm after she launched a management company named Mooi Model Management. The group was created to help models in the northeast area develop the right connections to further their model careers. It’s clear that Isabel Vinson isn’t just a model, but a living phenomenon breathing in the form of a goddess. How could she not be the Marilyn Monroe of Internet Hollywood? When it all comes down to it she IS Internet Hollywood. We strongly recommend that any model that’s looking to be represented by a management company that’s trust worthy to check out Mooi Model’s website at The amazing picture of Isabel Vinson above was took by Eric Wallis Photography.


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