Big Mach Teams With All Around Filmz, Releases Music Video To His “Real N****” Freestyle

big mach 8Prince Vega – Big Mach is back attacking the track with a new video to add to a dozens of releases that’s been hammering the Mayhem Musik column since late March.  The aggressive formula that makes up each bar gives the drive in each line more of a hype feel thanks to the melody riding the hard hitting drums in the beat. Mach could be seen carrying a shovel walking outside of some brick housing apartments that I’m not to familiar of to name at this moment.


All Around Filmz did an excellent job editing the footage and piecing together the sounds perfectly with Big Mach’s movement on each clip which smoothly guides the viewers through the vision of both of these collaborators. The music video is the third to be released by Big Mach & All Around Filmz in the course of two months. Big Mach has made front page news 5 times in Internet Hollywood this year.


Mach grind doesn’t actually end there, he was also casted in rapper G.O.L.D’s independent film “Karma” that is expected to be released sometime soon. Very little is known about the character that he plays, but a picture released on his social media page shows the artist laying down on the concrete with a gun in his hand bleeding on the ground. My guess would be that he attempted to shoot someone (maybe Gold) but things didn’t work out as planned.


The track in the music video is part of his new mix-tape titled “Before I Die” that is due to come out sometime soon. The mix-tape is 11 tracks long with features from artists like JR-Writer, 12 Rounz, G.O.L.D, Kid Rich & more. Check out his new music video posted below!


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