Bill Cosby’s Lawyer Responds To Prince Vega Slamming Her Hillary Clinton Retweets

bill-cosby-and-monique-pressleyInternet Hollywood – Bill Cosby’s beautiful lawyer Monique Pressley is responding to Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega after the artist tweeted he was “disappointed” that someone as smart and beautiful as her would support a terrible person like Hillary Clinton. The tweet to her came after the highly educated lawyer retweeted Hillary Clinton’s tweets repeatedly which caught Prince Vega’s attention. It was only moments after Prince Vega broke his silence and responded.


prince vega tweet


It wasn’t long before the legal analyst & radio host tweeted back to the hip hop artist, stating that she “never declared” and adding life is full of disappointments. (snip tooled below)

tweet 2

It is known to Prince Vega’s following that he isn’t a fan of politicians, especially ones like Hillary Clinton. For years he spoke against her and The Obama Administration for their foreign policies he deems as radical. Anywho,  Check out some of Monique’s latest appearances that are beyond impressive!

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