Billboard Charts: Cristal Catalina Maintains ‘Top 5’ Position – Ranked #5 Top Model

cristal newOne of Internet Hollywood’s biggest celebrities Cristal Catalina is now the #5 top model on our billboard charts. The powerful rank comes after the model held the longest streak recorded as #1 model . The unbreakable 10 month streak (4 counted) in Internet Hollywood marked a historic moment many won’t forget. Her influence has become so strong that the model had her own banner on Internet Hollywood’s front page for months. It isn’t hard to tell that Cristal is strongly connected in our digital industry. The model has publicly showed Prince Vega support numerous of times on multiple occasions. The superstar strongly expressed her disapproval for Obama’s run as the U.S. President, calling him a sellout and a dictator. The news following Cristal remarks were so big that her and model Miss Jailynn trended #1 on Internet Hollywood after. Cristal is the fifth model to ever trend on Internet Hollywood for something she publicly stated to one of our reporters. Now that Internet Hollywood is expanding it’s becoming a lot harder for models to make front page news. Every accomplishment recorded in our universe about any celebrity puts them in a far better position than girls that didn’t make headlines before. The greatest shock came when model Carrie Madeline ranked #10 on Internet Hollywood’s ‘top 10’ billboard charts, two months after becoming an Internet Hollywood celebrity. The huge success opened the doors for new models all over the world that wants a shot at becoming top rank celebrities. Cristal is no stranger to overcoming the odds that were against her. She has proven time after time that her dedication to modeling comes in the form of a gift that unwraps miracles every time she does a new photo shoot. Cristal will also appear in Internet Hollywood’s second magazine issue next month!

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