Billboard Charts (Full List): Here’s Internet Hollywood’s Current Top Ten Headlining Models!

#1 – Cristal Catalina

cristal cover

Cristal Catalina has a huge wave to settle on after carrying herself by storm in the Internet Hollywood Universe. The second floor committee opened its doors to a party of thirteen to discover the current rankings for models that has made the hugest impact on Internet Hollywood so far. Cristal Catalina has pulled herself through a competitive block that holds the force of upcoming models from crashing through the path she’s been phenominal on this year. Cristal Catalina has headlined across our Hollywood universe over four times in the course of a month and even caused a universal chain reaction after slamming Obamacare alongside Miss Jailynn. The competitive nature of her modeling gift naturally challenges her competitors on all fronts. Cristal has earned her position on the charts by forcing her way through the openings that granted her the opportunity to headline when other models didn’t notice. Her level of understanding the functionality of the Internet Hollywood rotational system matches the vision hidden behind elder ProjectXPlatinum member Jessica Xagoraris. Cristal Catalina is responsible for triggering an international storm of responses outside the realms of Internet Hollywood to the point its influential power caused a short tsunami wave in our circuits that nearly grew as big as the Isabel Vinson effect. The power behind her bravery made it seam as if no topic was too much despite how controversial it may have been to our readers. She broke headlines with her own views that she described in great detail without fear of the results that may follow her strong opinions and stuck with it. The second floor committee has seen more than enough to vote Cristal Catalina the #1 Model on Internet Hollywood For The Month Of June! We applaud all our beautiful models and congratulate Cristal Catalina on debuting at #1 on our first ever international billboard charts!

# 2 – Isabel Marie Vinson

isabel on fire

Isabel Vinson continues to maintain her strong influence throughout the Internet Hollywood universe with a powerful point that proves her dominance is greater than ever. Her active modeling journey has earned her over eight headlines in the course of four months! Isabel Vinson is famous amongst those that follow Internet Hollywood for creating the largest chain reaction in Internet Hollywood history. The response through social networking sites was so huge the second floor committee documented it as the “Isabel Vinson Effect” in May of this year. Isabel has gained her stay by remaining consistent with an open heart when making decisions that expanded her career as a model in the freelance world. The overflow of energy Isabel possesses pushed the doors open that held tightly onto the future that promised greater advantages in her modeling career long before. The setting sun is only miles away and every step she takes is only getting her closer to the goals she wishes to achieve. The power that follows Isabel’s steps has left a mark unlike any other across our headining universe and that is a territory that has remained untouched till this very day. Isabel is a leading superstar in our universe and is also the co-founder of the popular freelance modeling organization ProjectXPlatinum that is now home to over 200 models. We are honored to put together this article describing one of the most amazing models of our generation and we are extremely excited to see her voted into the top 10 for the month of June!

#3 – Jessica Xagoraris

jessica x hot

The second floor super committee of thirteen has officially voted model Jessica Xagoraris as the third most popular model in our universe! The international headline of our universe has been under the influence of Jessica’s view points ever since she made her debut on earlier this year. The voting committee opened its polls to a secret count that based their votes on the level of “headline worthy” stories that benefits the models career in a positive way. The headlines rewards the models for their hard efforts in forwarding their steps as a freelance or a professional model. Jessica has earned her position simply by engaging in trending stories following headlines across & at times others remained clueless to the advantage that was in-front of them. Jessica was nicknamed the “gambler” for her way of shaking up our headlining universe by borrowing the energy of other stories to gain more exposure with her unique view points on popular topics. Jessica Xagoraris has headlined in over seven stories and was mentioned in over ten in the course of six months! The committee acknowledges Jessica’s tactic that could easily gain her a position on the Top Ten Billboard Charts every month as-long as she continues to slither by her competitors like she’s been doing for the past couple of months.  Jessica has carried the weight of a champion with no problem while gaining more attention by publicly speaking on things happening in the world. We applaud Jessica for the incredible hard work she’s been doing while staying informed what’s been happening in the

#4 –  Viola Verity

viola hot

Viola Verity is unleashing a flame that’s heating up our charts for the summer this year! The second floor committee has voted Viola into a position that puts her on the higher front of our headlining universe. The decision following the thirteen party vote has secured Viola’s status as a powerful figure that publicly dominated Internet Hollywood since her debut with ProjectXPlatinum. Viola’s spark was triggered by her motivated instincts that sensed a great opportunity following the birth of the freelance modeling organization that provides quality services to upcoming models free of charge. Viola’s recognition through our universe praised her commitment to the organization after she spread the word throughout social networking sites and even recruited models to the organization as-well. Her enthusiasm in powering the engine that helped start the ProjectXPlatinum movement earned Viola’s position as one of the most influential freelance models that has ever entered our galaxy. Despite personal situations keeping Viola away from being 100% active in her modeling career she still managed to make herself chart worthy in the top five and we are excited she was voted there!

#5 – Miss Jailynn


Miss Jailynn is making enough noise to draw recognition from the board and her work is finally paying off. She has grown through the committee within our headlining universe from her view points that addressed controversial topics that caused a chain reaction in our universe almost the size of the famous Isabel Vinson effect! Miss Jailynn has provided enough pressure to hold onto her spot on the top without falling beneath the wheel while taking a ride through the second floor committee voting polls. The beautiful freelance model has slipped her way through some hard times and still have managed to cause a chain reaction with model Cristal Catalina after publicly speaking against Obamacare on Cerulean.TV. Jailynn was one of many models spoken of on Internet Hollywood radio for her strong efforts that earned her over three headlines with over seven mentions in the course of five months! Though many may not know of the struggle she’s been through while going down her path as a model in Internet Hollywood many will soon find out. This tatted little beauty has made herself known for carrying out some of the most presentable pictures that expressed her relationship with her tattoos freely without concern of what anyone may think of it. The strength she uses to fight through the struggles in her life earned her  the nickname “Triple Threat” alongside Models Sandi and Blu Jess. Miss Jailynn is no stranger to our super committee. The young beautiful down to earth sweet heart continues to find her way into our headlines and today she has found her way into the top ten!

#6 – Kaira

kyla on fire

Kaira has a lot to keep her smile warm for after breaking into our headlines as the sixth most popular model in our universe! The second floor committee of thirteen has seen Kaira’s approach without doubt that her potential could be far greater in years to come. Kaira’s debut headline involving her pregnancy triggered a mini storm of responses from fans and followers that gave their advice and support on giving birth. Kaira’s chain of reactions following her debut is highly appreciated amongst those viewing her from the committee stand point. Those witnessing Kaira’s popular story nicknamed the “care bear cycle” would grow warm from the heartwarming advice given by amazing models like Indica Tokes and Jessica Xagoraris. Kaira’s eyes reminds us of the beautiful inside she holds waiting to expose to those who deserve it. Her modeling shows of a greater purpose and her appearance in pictures are becoming more appealing by the day. Despite not being as active as other models in the freelance world of modeling, she still managed to pull herself through the fight and now she’s sitting above the remaining four at the sixth place!

#7 – Kiti Gunn

kiti gunn

Without a doubt Kiti Gunn is by far one of the most influential upcoming models in our universe that has repeatedly found her way through the headlines by photos, interviews, updates and more! Kiti Gunn publicly debuted in our universe as the first model to ever receive a written interview on and it still remains that way till this very day. Kiti gun is an elder member of ProjectXPlatinum that has secured her position as a power house within a few days of her arrival and still now she remains to grip tightly onto her reputation despite not being as active as she use to.  Whatever the cause may be that has kept Kiti Gunn away from modeling as much as she use to we could only hope it doesn’t effect her career. Kiti Gunn’s down to earth sweet heart personality reflects what she symbolizes inside being the beautiful unique woman that she is. Kiti’s expansion from her early stage continues to grow throughout our universe that has witnessed Kiti repeatedly break headlines with worthy stories that benefited her modeling career in the freelance realm. She was also a headlining topic praised in the discussion on Internet Hollywood radio where Prince Vega predicted that she would not only make the top ten but will continue to be dominant as the months come. The posing little angel fly has heaved beyond her steps and placed herself beyond the remaining three as number seven! We applaud Kiti for all her hard work and we look forwarding to reporting on her more in the future!

#8 – Tygeria

Tygeria hot

Tygeria is now punishing her competition with an incredible new position to match the effect she has carried in our headlining universe. The beautiful young superpower has danced across our charts with a force unlike any other newcomer that has entered our galaxy. The second floor committee of thirteen quickly challenged the last results that recorded a tie with a silent vote that remained undecided. We are now revisiting the committee with an official vote that breaks the tie between these two amazing models that has completely dominated the alternative realm of modeling. Tygeria edged the tip of the spare with a near loss by the ‘#Selfie Queen’ after Jessy Erinn racked six of the committee votes to match against Tygeria’s six last month. The beautiful competitors shook the committee floor with the first ever tie in the history of Internet Hollywood. The debate on the two remained private while headlines across Internet Hollywood embraced Carrie Madeline’s success after the upcoming model swept the remaining competitors with 9/13 committee votes. The power behind these young talented models makes it a must for us to discuss how much work they do so the world can give them credit where its due and the respect they deserve. Tygeria is without a doubt one of our biggest Internet Hollywood celebrities that has stepped foot into the modeling arena. The committee also predicts Tygeria may even remain on the top ten charts in months to come!

#9 – Jessy Erinn

jessy e vs

Jessy Erinn is clearing the way for her name that is publicly known to thousands of people all over the world. The beautiful young talented ‘selfie queen’ has repeatedly headlined in our universe since her impressive debut about two months ago. Jessy’s dominance is mastered with her unique ability to keep herself inside the public’s eyes with new photos while remaining social with her following. Her sweet attitude has created the image of something more than just a face for us to picture when imagining what she does for a living. Jessy is by far one of the most entertaining models our universe has ever seen since its debut earlier this year. Jessy seams to always find her way into our minds and now she has worked her way into our charts for the very first time. The second floor private committee of thirteen has embraced Jessy’s dedication to modeling and has even opened their arms to expand her voice with her own radio show on our network. Jessy has proven herself to be one that deserves what she receives while proceeding to do what she loves to do best. The Canadian princess is predicted be one of the top three leading models that will lead a generation of Internet Hollywood starting next month! Congratulations to our Jessy Erinn for being voted on our top ten! We look forward to seeing more work from you!

#10 – Carrie Madeline

william 4

Perhaps one of the most epic debuts in Internet Hollywood history has took place and we are documenting every single minute of it! Carrie Madeline has been voted the tenth most popular model in our Internet Hollywood Top Ten ‘Models’ Chart! The surprise has opened the eyes of all the staff in our universe and reminded them how unpredictable things are in Internet Hollywood. Since Carrie Madeline debut in Internet Hollywood two months ago she has already headlined in over two articles and has been recruited by Prince Vega himself to star in his new “Illuminati” movie series that is expected to go into production this fall. The young talented new comer to our universe has already gained a following of over 30 thousand and we could only tell as the months go by it’s only going to double that amount. Carrie is the first model known in our universe to endorse a celebrity in the mainstream Hollywood universe and admit she’s influenced and motivated by Tyra Banks. The reaction by our committee was more surprising than ever after clearing off seven slots and leaving the remaining three open for newcomers Tygeria, Jessy Erinn and now Carrie Madeline.  We are extremely excited with shock to how this may play out in the future and we hope the surprises gets bigger as the days go by! Carrie Madeline is an extremely gifted model that lives what she dreams through each shoot and nobody can take that passion away from her. Carrie is one of the very few models that has ended up in over three headlines in just a short month after joining the alternative freelance modeling organization.

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