Billboard Charts: Jayson Diwa Gains Momentum, Gusto Topples Wayne Gordon, S.O.S Ties With Cthree

top ten 2The sparks are flying beside the biggest battle raging on our international charts. Cthree’s lead continues to shape the difference in the outcome of a close race that will soon rank each of the newer artists positions. The latest report shows Jayson Diwa with a two point gain, locking his position at a strong 50% against Gustos’s 100. Keep in mind that one member of the private committee equals a strong 25 percent in our international universe. Gusto’s strong position represents the power behind the ‘trendy’ headlines that created a chain reaction from growing models in Internet Hollywood. Wayne Gordon continues to build steam though he remains at a strong 75% behind Gusto by at-least one vote. S.O.S lead falls short behind Cthree after the California artist cashed in at 200% after scoring a total of eight votes by the committee floor this morning. S.O.S continued to push through the fight with two more votes to add onto their journey, making it an astounding 175 percent! The current six makes up a little over the first half of those that will be involved in the top ten. The battle continues to rise as battlers from outside of our universe invade the Internet Hollywood surface on the inside. The ‘Game Of Rap’ Preseason in October will give all rappers an idea on how the ‘Game Of Rap’ Season will be starting in the month of November! We will keep you updated on the charts as the votes continues throughout the weekend!

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