Billboard Charts: Model Jessy Erinn To Land In “Top Five” On Internet Hollywood’s Charts Next Month!

jessy eriiiiiiiiiiiiin editJessy Erinn is picking up enough heat to beat her competitors in Internet Hollywood’s race to the top next month. Internet Hollywood’s thirteen member private committee recently revealed a prediction that is hinting Jessy Erinn’s rise on Internet Hollywood’s ‘Top Ten’ billboard charts. Jessy Erinn’s headlining ability continues to grow after recent updates broke the news that Jessy Erinn may soon have her own radio show on Internet Hollywood. The radio show premiere was recently shared through multiple social networking sites, boosting the listeners up to nearly one thousand in the first hour. The two hour radio show highlights all the latest news happening throughout Internet Hollywood and the world. It remains unclear what kind of show Jessy Erinn would do if she was apart of our broadcasting team, but we are positive with our powerful promotional team backing Jessy it will be more than a success. Jessy easily managed to find her way through our headlines with her amazing modeling abilities. She continues to stun her following with jaw dropping photos and exciting news that continues to grow with her career. The ProjectXPlatinum superstar was recently voted the #9 most popular model in Internet Hollywood back in August! Other models that is predicted to make a huge impact on the charts for the first time is Carrie Madeline, Keri Marie, Tygeria and Haylan Victoria. Jessy Erinn’s dominance continues to show in her amazing work that has helped her following grow to over 500 thousand and counting.

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