Billboard Charts: Model MiMi Officially Makes First Internet Hollywood Debut As Celebrity

mi mi newConnecticut’s own talented superstar MiMi is finally bringing her talent to a new digital platform. The upcoming model has been voted into Internet Hollywood after our private committee of thirteen reviewed her submitted photos from a recent photo shoot on May 9th. Although Mimi is just getting her feet wet, she has caught the attention of Internet Hollywood’s powerful model movement ProjectXPlatinum. The naturally gifted phenomenon is expressing her piece of art in stunning photos that is receiving a huge amount of support on Facebook. The model was even offered representation shortly after updating the world on her latest work with Big Ship Photography. It’s unclear how strongly MiMi is focusing on modeling, but we feel her strong presence. Her conscious mind is why many models would fail to understand how incredibly smart Maria is. Her heartwarming, down to earth, and lovable personality will easily open doors for the model to expand beyond her reach. How certain am I? MiMi is not only a hardworking risk taker that’s trying out modeling. She’s also very conscious on things happening in the world of politics. We was first made aware of the model after she made news on Mayhem Musik for speaking against the Illuminati. She’s also a known supporter that has showed endless love and support to Prince Vega before he founded Internet Hollywood. Prince Vega has described Maria to be very ‘curious’ with a powerful mind that can empower millions of people all over the world. We are pleased to open our fortress of wonder for this adorable talented model to explore. We can easily predict that her unique style will be embraced by thousands of Internet Hollywood readers in future months as she continues to grow. The absolutely amazing photography work was done by an incredible photographer by the name of Neville Mullings. You can check out his awesome website by clicking the link below!

Check Out Big Ship Photography Website

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