Billboard Charts: S.O.S Battles For The Throne – Loose Logic Ranks #10

loose logic 1Rap group S.O.S is setting the stakes high in this year’s battle on Internet Hollywood’s top ten billboard charts. The group’s powerful presence has weakened its competition from a wide range because of their active involvement in Internet Hollywood, but that soon may change. Rapper Loose Logic is a lyrical competitor that has easily earned seven votes from our thirteen floor private committee, making him eligible to rank on Internet Hollywood’s billboard charts. Loose Logic has built his name throughout the social media realm, including on rap forum boards. After digging we’ve found out Loose Logic was also an active battle rapper on dozens of community forum boards. How does this compare? Both artists is amazingly talented songwriters that has gained the ears of thousands of listeners over the years. The incredible match up building between both artists is an ultimate showdown when it comes to energy. They both provides an overwhelming message whenever they put their vocals to the test. The international charts are clearing the path for the perfect clash between powerful titans. S.O.S has not hesitated whenever a challenge has came in Internet Hollywood. We’ve witnessed the force in action countless times before whenever it presented itself. Our committee is expecting for this upcoming billboard battle to be one of the most intense battles in Internet Hollywood’s history. The next ‘Game Of Rap’ series is expected to take place in the first week of June.

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