Billboard Charts: S.O.S Ranked #2 Unsigned “Hip Hop” Artists In Internet Hollywood

MISE EDITEDThe most powerful Internet Hollywood rap group S.O.S is back and nobody can stop the major impact the group is going to have on Internet Hollywoood Radio. The #3 male headliners are currently placed at #2 when it comes to top music artist and #3 in highly discussed male celebrities on the top ten billboard charts. The group is known throughout our radio circuits with songs like “Wasted” and “Real Nigga Anthem”. The creative flows pieced together by these incredible brothers in songs like “Identity”and “howl” reveals a different style that separates the commercial and  extremely aggressive influence that’s known in most of the group’s tracks. S.O.S continues to keep themselves known in front page news stories by keeping their focus locked on Internet Hollywood Radio and not on controversial beefs with known artists like rapper Cthree and Snacks Giggaty. The group has become so much of a household name in our universe they made on Internet Hollywood’s first magazine issue that was released back in December 25th, last year. The return of the group marks a new beginning for the Game Of Rap season that officially kicks off in the month of February. The excitement following the group’s return has spread all throughout the committee as the Game Of Rap official season approaches. Many would speculate that the groups hostile attitude will be the downfall of S.O.S in the long run but statistics show otherwise. S.O.S has already made front page news headlines over 8 times and is currently the biggest rap group in Internet Hollywood.


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