Billboard Charts: Wayne Gordon Leads Against Gusto, S.O.S Gains Momentum, Jayson Diwa Debuts

top ten 1The Internet Hollywood universe is under the flames of growing names facing off inside of our headlines. The latest updates shows the power behind each musician in the position to create a difference in our international charts. The latest updates shows the pace picking up between our top headliners and the race is only getting closer. Internet Hollywood’s front runner Cthree remains dominant after pulling in 175% above S.O.S’s 125 percent. The powerful group continues to carry a load after repeatedly headlining in our international community with their latest “news worthy” updates. The preseason remains at large as the month of October closing in. The battle between the latest members of our galaxy will determine the leading artist documented in our international universe. Ohio rapper Gusto remains a growing name after gaining two committee votes to arch his position from 25 to 75% within a short week against Wayne’s 25% jump to 75% as-well. Filipino rapper Jayson Diwa is finally getting his shine after earning one vote after debuting with his new ‘Dance With Me’ sample. The artist is one of the very few new comers to find his way through our universe quickly without a struggle. The private committee chamber continues to open our polls up to their votes until the beginning of October. The start of the preseason will document the records of all rappers participating in contests, tournaments, battles and more. The latest feature will also include titles, prizes, cash, performances, indie movies, magazine features and more. The features involving the game of rap series was built to motivate all rappers into overcoming their fears in the public when everything is on the line.

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