Bonnie Burke shows off LLeya P’s beautiful dress for Karl Jacobson Photography at the IH Fashion Show

IH Fashion Show – Independent model Bonnie Burke was a sight to see at the Internet Hollywood fashion show this past Sunday and the pictures I will be sharing all week will show everyone the reason why. Bonnie set fire to the rain and brought all of her modeling game to the surface and slayed in her LLeya P dress. This picture appears to have occurred afterward when Karl Jacobson and many other talented photographers took their talent behind the camera from the talent show to the Internet Hollywood backdrop.


Bonnie Burke could be seen lifting the bottom end of the beautiful sky blue dress that also had butterflies at the upper left top. She looked magnificent with her pose and showed her confidence as talented photographer Karl Jacobson glared through the lens of his camera and took the great photo. Bonnie was one of the first models to walk in the show since LLeya P was scheduled to walk first.


News of Karl Jacobson’s appearance to the show came out about a week before. Our buzz alert was posted across our social media pages and got a pretty positive response. It’s always exciting to the opposite field that sees something that could benefit their career in some way with their talent. Bonnie was flawless and Karl Jacobson was taking in the good times with his camera. Thank you a lot Karl. I hope he decides to submit some of his photos for the Internet Hollywood Magazine!


~*~*Credits & Links*~*~

Catarina Abreu (LLeya P): Instagram – Facebook

Bonnie Burke: Instagram

Karl Jacobson: Website (contains boudair and art nudes)

Bonnie Gagnon (MUA): Instagram

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