Book Writer Sharon Kathryn talks about her new book ‘Merlantis,’ her first children’s book, including music in it, teaching 700 students in 2 schools, already completing her second book, and more!

Beyond The Lens – Me and Massachusetts book writer Sharon Kathryn had a lot to talk about in an interview we did at the ending of March. The music educator gave me the inside scoop on all of the things going on with her and the release of her new book Merlantis. I had a couple of questions I wanted to ask to learn more about Kathryn’s spectacular book and fascinating vision for herself in the future. I hope you enjoy reading the interview!


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Internet Hollywood: Hello Sharon!! Welcome to the Internet Hollywood universe. My hands have been pretty full of interviews this year and I don’t think I’m going to be slowing down anytime soon. I’m happy I was able to chat with you about a couple of things. I always think it’s cool to share the stories of others for our readers to see. Before we kick this off, could you give us a background story of who you are and what you do?


Kathryn: Sharon Kathryn was born in Roslindale, MA and is a public music educator at an elementary Music Educator of 14 years with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Film and in Music Education. She also has her Master’s in Music Education and is a trained vocalist, dancer, and actress. Her artist name is Music Mermaid and her book Merlantis with dance songs was inspired by her love for mermaids from living at the beach during the summers in Plymouth, MA since she was a child, thanks to her great-uncle Tony. Merlantis is her first children’s book. It is not only a book but also contains dance songs she wrote, produced and sang. The book was written in Lebanon when her cousin Christina told her she should write a children’s book that goes along with her dance songs. The book is a new version of Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Little Mermaid”. It’s a classical tale with a modern twist and dance music created for the reader to not only enjoy a story, but also sing and dance along. “Children need more fun, positive vibes and beauty in our world and so I created Merlantis. This book contains beautiful art, by my Illustrator Aljon Inertia and fun dance songs written, produced and sung by myself. The lyrics are written out in this book in hopes to inspire children to write their own songs. I’m also hoping this book will help promote Arts Education. It is not only for children but also for fellow adults young at heart like myself. “ For more info visit:


Internet Hollywood: Your book cover for ‘Home of Merlantis’ is very beautiful with bright friendly colors that I feel fits perfect for the audience you are targeting. Whose idea was it to give the book that color and what is the story about?


Kathryn: I wrote the story of “Merlantis” in Lebanon. I searched for an illustrator for 3 years that was within my budget. I was very blessed to find, Aljon Inertia, my illustrator. He is from the Philippines. Together we decided on the colors and I provided him the ideas for all of the images.


Internet Hollywood: I think adding a musical to it brings this book to a whole new level. What made you come up with the idea of adding music to the story and was it hard to pull it off?


Kathryn: Thank you so much. I am a music educator. I currently teach 700 children at 2 schools. I have always used books in my curriculum and my students seem to really enjoy it. I have also always collected books. When I was in Lebanon 3 years ago (A trip I planned to go visit my family there); I played two dance songs of mine “Red” and “Unite” to my cousins. My cousin Christina told me that I should write a book to go with my songs. This is what made me come up with the idea. I ended up producing three new songs for Merlantis; “Lucky Lady Bug”, “Manlantis” and “S’awesome”.

Internet Hollywood: What message are you trying to send your book and what inspired you to write the book before you did it?


Kathryn: There are many messages in my book, but I would say the overall message is: Family is the most important thing in this life. My family is very dear to me. In my “Thank you” section of my book, I thank many family members and most of the main characters in my book are based on my real family members.


Internet Hollywood: If I’m correct you recently had something at the New England Mobile Bookfair in Newton, MA. What was that about?


Kathryn: Yes! I am so grateful to New England Mobile Bookfair in Newton for having me for my second book signing. I have been so fortunate to have 5 kind store owners offer to carry “Merlantis” in their stores.


Internet Hollywood: Are you planning on writing any other books soon?


Kathryn: I have actually already written my second book, so stay tuned…. ☺


Internet Hollywood: Last question; if giving the opportunity, would you turn your book into movies or cartoons like a lot of successful book writers do?


Kathryn: Yes, I would love to turn my book into a movie or cartoon. I am actually first an actress and worked in the film Industry in LA. I pray it happens.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Kathryn!


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