Born Imagery and Lady B creates magic in new photo shoot at Sandy Point Beach in Newbury, MA

Photo Shoot – David West of Born Imagery is back on our front page after taking on a new model in Newbury, Massachusetts. He recently took over Sandy Point Beach at Plum Island with Lady B and took some amazing shots! After finding out about the photo shoot, Born Imagery kindly sent over beautiful photos from his shoot with the model. I then asked if I could get his thoughts on working with the model on record, here’s what he said:

“Becky (Lady B) is such an easy going gal and especially pleasant to work with. I really appreciated her willingness to get dirty, dip her feet into the frigid waters and endure the blinding mid day sun to get the shots we needed. This is the second time working with Becky and certainly not the last. When you find a client who appreciates your work and embraces the process you do what you have to keep them coming back for more.”

West also gave me a little information on the timing behind the photo shoot. He said it was 2-hours long and 300-500 images were taken. He also added that 300-500 images is the amount he takes during a 2-hour photo shoot.

Lady B is a new model that just moved to America from Africa. This is her first publication on Internet Hollywood. Born Imagery has been published on Internet Hollywood eight times!

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