BOSS: Model Isabel Vinson Makes Entire Mooi Model Roster✮Internet Hollywood Superstars✮

isabel vinson newwwwwwwwThe Marilyn Monroe of Internet Hollywood just pulled one of the most powerful moves documented in Internet Hollywood’s history. Isabel Vinson just crowned  29 models with super stardom in our digital universe. Why so serious? All models that are selected to be members of our new superstar column will represent the faces of all models that’s accepted as Internet Hollywood celebrities in future months to come. After explaining an enormous amount of times, people still fail to realize just how important Isabel Vinson’s role is in the creation of Internet Hollywood. Previous reports makes it clear that the model educated Prince Vega on the ins and outs of running a successful model organization that women all over the world would love. It also stretches on the subject, adding that she educated him on the importance of having contests, giveaways, magazines, prizes, parties, and more. With that being a piece of a long fact to taste, Isabel Vinson is currently the most powerful model to step foot inside of Internet Hollywood’s universe…PERIOD. With that power in mind, we can only question who is the 29 models that holds memberships in Isabel’s Mooi Model Management? After doing a little digging through Mooi Model’s website we found the names of all the beautiful models she crowned superstars in Internet Hollywood. The list includes Amie, Breezy, Calypso Jean, Carolyn, Casey Shpak, Elisa, Emma May, Haley, Hannah Marie, Haylan Victoria, Hollie, Isabel Vinson, Jasmine M., Jennifer Charity, Jess Lynn, Jill, Karissa Anne, Kate Ebbay, Kelley, Kendra, Kimberly Faith, Kiti Gunn, Krissy Leigh, Madeline Jonelle, Norah Watson, Sarah K., Sherry Soto, Tammy, Taryn Tyler, and Taylor Knytych. The role each model will play in the new superstar column will be determined as the month of September approaches. Internet Hollywood’s second floor private committee predicts the model will be nominated for 6 Internet Hollywood awards in the year 2016. The amazing photograph of our adorable Isabel Vinson was took by the incredibly talented Seven15 Photography.


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