Brazilian Model Claudia Rivarelli Voted #6 On Internet Hollywood’s ‘Top Model’ Billboard Charts

fantasy gfxBrazilian Model Claudia is hitting the right switches in our committee this year after being voted to #6 on Internet Hollywood’s ‘Top Models’ billboard charts. Her long awaited billboard takeover is finally coming to life after scoring the majority of committee votes to land just short of the top five lineup. Claudia has proven time after time her pride is edging its prime with nobody to stop it. Her international domination is now historic documentation that will live in Internet Hollywood’s history forever. It has been predicted long before now how effective the Brazilian model will be in Internet Hollywood nearly a year ago. Her passion for crossfit modeling has given her the leverage it needs to pull a noticeable ranking because of its credibility. It’s obvious not just anybody can do crossfit modeling. It takes a lot of heart, hard work, and dedication to mentally focus on physically being fit enough to pull off crossfit exercises. Claudia’s incredible gift is getting her the exposure she needs in a short amount of time. She is currently the only celebrity inside of Internet Hollywood that does crossfit modeling. What’s the big deal? Claudia’s chances of becoming #1 top model in Internet Hollywood is ten times greater than the average model because she’s the only one doing crossfit. Her flexibility will help her stretch through our digital universe with flying colors in months to come. The model has only made front page news in Internet Hollywood once in the past, and now the odds are working in her favor. She was one of the first models to be featured in Internet Hollywood’s first magazine after photographer William Joseph chose model Carrie Madeline as the ‘cover girl’ in December. The model was recruited to ProjectXPlatinum after Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega discovered her page while browsing through Facebook. Since her debut, she’s been strongly influencing our digital universe quietly from the outside. Claudia is the most popular Brazilian model inside of Internet Hollywood! The picture credit above goes to digital/graphic artist Fantasy Grfx.


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