BREAKING: Prince Vega Says “Prepare” For Internet Hollywood ‘Internet’ Take Over In 24-Hours!

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Internet Hollywood Founder Prince Vega is bringing the Internet Hollywood universe to a whole new level starting in 24 hours. The music artist is now preparing to put his entire focus on building Internet Hollywood as a powerful empire that will be hard to ignore. Every musician on social media sites like Facebook may have an idea of what Prince Vega may be talking about. Internet Hollywood showed the public how strong of an outlet it can become when the focus is on targeted promotion, which it will be starting in 24 hours.  If your an Internet Hollywood celebrity prepare for an explosive ride in 24-hours. The powerful outlets that are being used will also be used for every Internet Hollywood celebrity involved in our alternative universe. Prince Vega will also continue to help upcoming artists by giving them easy ways to get recognition for free through powerful outlets like Internet Hollywood Radio. The take over is a never ending process that will continue as long as Internet Hollywood exist. We are committed to keep our voices loud for talented people all over the world as-long as they continue to believe in themselves no matter what anyone says. The creation of Internet Hollywood is to help talented people all over the world get noticed for what they love to doing! All we ask is that you show the same amount of love that we do by sharing our links to all your friends! PREPARE FOR THE TAKE OVER!


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