Breezy Da Konvict To Snatch #10 Spot On Billboard Charts, Gusto To Climb Up – Where’s Wayne Gordon?

ghost editB.D.K’s Strong impact is being felt and it soon will be shown on the billboard charts next month. The hard hitting artist is starting to break barriers that holds him back from reaching levels many others fail to achieve. B.D.K’s powerful influence is being embraced through his music that continues to grow in our radio circuit now that his song “Dear Mama” has made it’s debut this past Tuesday. B.D.K is also creating a buzz through his ‘Game Of Rap’ series face-off with top headlining Internet Hollywood rap group S.O.S. Breezy continues to box his way through each challenge he faces as the the competition gets stiffer by the months.  Another artist that’s working his way through the pressure is Ohio rapper Gusto. Gusto’s unique way of breaking headlines is slowly helping him grow to one of the biggest Internet Hollywood celebrities within a few months. The overwhelming shock that comes with Gusto’s impressive performance is now pushing him up a notch higher on the billboard charts. Members of the committee is predicting that the headlining artist of our international community will finally make it in the “Top 5” by December.

Rapper Wayne Gordon is performing better than what anyone will expect from an artist that is facing off with Internet Hollywood’s second biggest male headliner Snacks Giggaty. Wayne Gordon’s “Afraid Of The Dark” entry grew as a shock to elder members of our universe that felt Wayne may not come as strong as Snacks, but that was proven wrong. Wayne Gordon is also expected to move up a notch on the billboard charts after committee votes showed the underground artist tie with Snacks Giggaty in the preseason earlier this month. The final results will be revealed at the ending of November before the official seasons first pay per view is announced.

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