Brian Gallo of Inspired Exposure Photography talks creating CT Sirens, brainstorming ideas for it with his wife, the downsides to photography, doing it as a stress reliever and more!

Beyond The Lens  – Connecticut Photographer Brian Gallo of Inspired Exposure Photography had a lot to share in an interview we finally wrapped up earlier this week. He received around eight questions at the ending of last month and finally had the time to respond to it now. I have been following a lot of Gallo’s work and I could glad admit I am a fan.


This may be his very first interview with Internet Hollywood but I knew of him for quite a while. We have been connected on Facebook for a few years and have mutual friends that I follow online and write stories about. It’s awesome to finally write a story about him. Enjoy the interview!



~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Brian Gallo*~*~



Internet Hollywood: Hey Brian! I’m definitely honored to take on another talented photographer in an interview on Internet Hollywood. I’ve known of you for about two years and have always applauded your amazing work and hard work. You formed your own movement in the past called CT Sirens and have shared your platforms and talent with a lot of them. How did the idea of CT Sirens come about?


Gallo: I had been tossing the idea around for a bit. At the time there were other promo teams in the area doing their thing and I wanted to aim for a slightly different direction. I wanted to be able to start something people can do in their free time that was both charity and paid as well. I happened to be talking to a friend you probably know (Hannah known as Blazebabe Modeling) and she liked the idea as well. From there my wife and I went the next step and brainstormed and the CT Sirens eventually launched. The name came from another member’s ex-coworker while we were all tossing ideas around. From there it is a long story but we still do it and enjoy it.


Internet Hollywood: What made photography one of your main choices to pursue as a career goal for the long term?


Gallo: It was a stress release at first. The day to day stress just can wear a person down. And when I first picked up the camera I was in a rough point mentally and stressed in life. It was a great outlet. Over time people began to compliment me more and more which encouraged me to stick with it.


Internet Hollywood: Are there any irreversible downsides to being a photographer?


Gallo: You know like anything there are downsides. The costs of keeping up with technology and new lenses and so on. You have the haters who try and discourage you. And let me point out don’t ever let anyone doubt you. That goes for the models too! Do you and be happy! I would also think sometimes time taken away from family can be an issue but luckily they are involved and help out as well.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of your favorite shoots to do and who are some of your favorite models to do it with?


Gallo: Concert photography would be my favorite easily. The endless memories I have already have been amazing. As for model photography, this is tough to answer. I have worked with many amazing people and to name a few and leave others out wouldn’t be right. In the end, everyone I work with is special. I try to create special moments and photos for them to be proud of. If I were to say locations though, The Sterling Opera House in Derby, CT will always hold near and dear to me. We had some amazing all day/night shoots there and have had some fun creating. But if I said my daughter has been letting me shoot her and getting good at it would that be favoritism? lol


Internet Hollywood: Are there any people in particular in the modeling area that you would like to work with?


Gallo: There are a few people I would love to work with still and some I would love to work with again as well. They all know who they are. And I am very open to working with new people. If we want the same shots and creativity, hit me up!


Internet Hollywood: I remember that photography wasn’t the only thing that you did. Please forgive me for not remembering what those other fields were. Could you reflect my memory?


Gallo: I wish I could do photography only but sadly it doesn’t pay the bills at this point for me. I am in retail management full time. 27 years of it lol!


Internet Hollywood: Last question; what are some of the things that you are working on now that we all should expect from you in the future?


Gallo: You can expect concert photography to continue for sure. All genres too. As for models, I am looking to do some more artistic style with black and white and shadows and close ups. And I am still looking to expand to the CT Sirens and get them to the next levels at some point. We have our fans and supporters and team in place and always looking for new faces who are eager. We have a clothing line we just partnered with and a few I am in talks with. We have our same charity events we look forward to each year and enjoy as well that have become extended family. And finally… The window of creativity is always open.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Brian. Keep up the great work!


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