Brian Speelberg Productions: Stack Em Up, Ally Chan and Snacks Giggaty teases music video to their song ‘Whole Gang’ (Watch Now)

Underground Musicians – Rap artists Stack Em Up, Ally Chan and Snacks Giggaty has started a buzz that is beginning to spread in the underground music scene. The artists teased everyone with a snippet of their new music video on their social media pages and ended receiving multiple shares even from upcoming independent artists Hartford Po, Cartier Chase and Richie P. I also saw dozens of fire emojis that was placed in a lot of the people’s statuses that shared.


It isn’t too much to describe in the snippet but the video looked pretty damn lit. The video included a lot of people – some riding motorbikes – and shots that were taken later on in the night. Imagining the rest of the clips only makes me paint the picture of a great quality video with a lot of energy in it. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


The song begins with Snacks Giggaty sounding off with some of his catchy sounds that are known to daily listeners of his music. He then goes into a catchy hook that I personally feel will please the ears of everyone that listens to it. Giggaty never seems to fail when it comes to putting together art everyone could enjoy. I look forward to hearing everyone’s verse in the song.


Each artist in the music video will most likely receive their own publications in Internet Hollywood this year. Giggaty’s hard work has got him published on Internet Hollywood 18 times in the past four years. You could check out the video by clicking the link below!




Watch Now: ‘Whole Gang’

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