Brieana Elizabeth Cashes In An Award Winning Selfie For Internet Hollywood’s #SELFIE Magazine

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Model Brieana Elizabeth is finally getting the attention she deserves after her selfie photo received 11 out of 13 votes from Internet Hollywood’s private committee. The powerful votes in favor of Brieana’s magazine appearance secured the model’s position in our biggest selfie issue to date. Brieana is quickly becoming an important symbol to what being an Internet Hollywood celebrity really is. Her unbelievably cute humor paints the picture of her amazing personality without words. It takes a true woman to embrace the face she have enough to switch things up from time to time. After all, her selfie is one of the few to win over positive judgment from our private committee on an award winning level. It’s clear this remarkable new superstar is blossoming through our digital universe in bright colors. Brieana is the third model to make it in an Internet Hollywood magazine. We are certain as the weeks come to pass Brieana’s accomplishment will become one of the most talked about stories inside of Internet Hollywood! Do you think this selfie is an award winner? You can check out and purchase Internet Hollywood’s latest magazine issue by clicking the picture of the cover below!

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