Brittany Elizabeth discuss getting into modeling for the first time, offers she’s been getting from photographers, narrowly escaping breast cancer and more

Beyond The Lens – One special person from the Internet Hollywood family from the state of Massachusetts name Brittany Elizabeth is now the center of attention in our Beyond The lens column after completing an eight question with. I got in touch with the new independent model / radio host last week to discuss a few things that has been sitting on my mind for a while.


We discussed what lead her to take modeling on as a career path, when she will be doing photo shoots, the style of modeling shes into, the offers she been getting from photographers and more. Elizabeth has not yet decided which photographer she will be working with but i’m sure that answer will be known to us soon. Enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens / w Brittany Elizabeth*~*~


 Internet Hollywood: Well, well, well, isn’t it the great Brittany Elizabeth. I’m definitely happy on touching down on a few things with you now that we both have time to get this interview done. How has everything been going with you?


Elizabeth: Everything has been been going great so far, i landed a new job that basically promotes going green and being conscientious of your energy usage. I also narrowly escaped a diagnoses of breast cancer. Ive just been focusing on work, family & being a better person really.



Internet Hollywood: That’s scary to imagine. I do remember our talks about it and me telling you how incredibly strong you are. I’ll keep that on a personal note. Now modeling is something that your strongly interested in getting into. What made you decide to pick modeling as a career path?


Elizabeth: Modeling has always been something i just so happen to be good at for whatever reason. I was about 19 years old when i did my 1st fashion show. I landed the gig simply because the designers husband thought i was personable and beautiful and he told his wife that she should use me in the show.


Internet Hollywood: Photographers from all over have been reaching out to you to do a photo shoot. When do you plan on taking on one of the offers?


Elizabeth: I plan on taking some of the photographers up on their offers when i’m more grounded. Right now everything’s just been super hectic and unpredictable. I don’t want to commit to something half assed.


Internet Hollywood: What style of modeling are you open to doing?


Elizabeth:  I’m open to just about anything that doesn’t involve me having to strip down to be popular. As a woman who isn’t even remotely a feminist i just feel as though people should take me at face value and if your too busy just wanting to seeing me spread open and half naked on a magazine cover or a spread then that isn’t the kind of respectable image i want to be sending.


Internet Hollywood: People will soon find out that your very open with your views. You are one of the very few people that I know that doesn’t sugar coat anything. Are you concerned with how people may perceive you as a person as you get more popular?


Elizabeth: Honestly, no. And what i mean by that is, Ive never been one to care what people think of me to the point where i have to alter myself as a person to fit in. I only know how to be me and being someone else doesn’t seem all that fun anyway. If it isn’t true to myself, my views or my beliefs i wont pretend, otherwise, Ive never been one to just suppress myself because people cant handle me at 100 proof. If you don’t like me cool if you do great. Doesn’t really effect my life to the point were i lose sleep over it.


Internet Hollywood Is modeling the only career path that you are open to exploring? You strike me as a person that may be skilled in multiple things.


Elizabeth: Well I’m very book smart, i love astronomy, marine biology, anthropology and just about anything that makes you question everything. I’m also going to school for geological engineering simply because i want to see if i can do it. And also because it involves seeing different age periods through out time in sediment samples and you can really get your hands dirty.


Internet Hollywood: You were the second person selected to be a co-host on Internet Hollywood Radio. Why do you think you were chosen?


Elizabeth: Because i’m friends with Justin Hamlett. No, i’m just kidding, but really thou… i would probably say because i’m just so outspoken, and direct. But i also happen to just be an all around friendly people person in general. I mean maybe that’s it but who knows for sure besides Justin anyway.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; How would you like the world to look at you when you reach the ultimate goal you seek now and where do you imagine yourself being?


Elizabeth:  I just want people to realize that i’m a person just like them. No better no worse, i put my pants on the same way the rest of us do, one foot at a time. Unless i’m rushing and then i just fall on my ass and end up laughing at myself. I imagine myself having my own home with my boyfriend and the kids just being happy and enjoying the simplest things life has to offer.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much Brittany for the interview. I look forward to working with you in the future!


~*~*Thank you for reading*~*~


Brittany Elizabeth: Instagram – Snapchat: b-elizabeth92

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