Brittany Elizabeth talks Christmas shopping, finding instant happiness giving gifts, ‘The Grinch Who Stole Christmas’ being her favorite childhood movie and shopping online!

Christmas (t.o.t.w): As Christmas comes closer I happen to notice online shopping has been a key shopping place for a lot of talented people we have been interviewing. According to CNET, Cyber Monday hit a record of $6.59 billion, up 16.8 percent from last year. So that alone should give you an idea of how busy shopping has been on the Internet. One person that took that route this year with independent model and Internet Hollywood radio personality Brittany Elizabeth.


I got in touch with Elizabeth to discuss a couple of things in relations to Christmas and she filled me in with everything I wanted to know. I have been connected with Elizabeth for years and I always enjoy when we have our little discussions. I hope you enjoy the interview!




~*~*Christmas /w Brittany Elizabeth*~*~



Internet Hollywood: What were your favorite Christmas movies to watch as a child growing up?


Elizabeth: I liked the Grinch probably because he was more relatable than the whos of Whoville.


Internet Hollywood: What are your favorite Christmas movies now that your a young adult now?


Elizabeth: I like the old school Christmas movies now like It’s A Wonderful Life or Holiday Inn. There was one with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis that I actually liked.


Internet Hollywood: Those who follow you know that you’re a strong independent mother of two beautiful children. What are your plans for the holidays? Where will you be celebrating?


Elizabeth: Well I’m willing to bet my life my kids will just wake up and open every present under that tree. Every day I’m being asked if its Christmas yet. So that’s the plan, let the kids enjoy Christmas. Most likely at home with my kids, my boyfriend & our families.


Internet Hollywood: Have you started shopping yet?


Elizabeth: Yes I’ve already started my Christmas shopping. I like to get ahead in the holidays that way I’m not rushing around like a mad woman. The kids I have figured out pretty easily, my boyfriend’s gifts are being delivered – big thank you to online shopping. And most of the family I’ve gotten taken care of already.

Internet Hollywood: Does it feel better being the giver or receiver on Christmas now that you’re a mother?


Elizabeth:  I like giving the gifts, as a mom its just instant happiness seeing your kids face light up over a new set of PJs or a new toy. So id say I’m pretty happy with being the one giving not receiving.


Internet Hollywood: What is the best gift you ever got or gave other for Christmas?


Elizabeth: Best present I ever got? That’s a tough one to think about. I think the best gift I ever got was when my boys tackled me with hugs after getting them a cool new toy they’d been asking for. That was the best, just being appreciated by my kids. The best gift I’ve ever given anyone I cant tell you about because he hasn’t gotten it yet, and I know once you publish this he could see it. I’m definitely not trying to ruin the surprise for him. But its a really nice gift, I put a lot of thought into getting it for him and I know he’s going to flip his shit when he see’s it…so there’s that too

Internet Hollywood: Will you be cooking at all?


Elizabeth: Yeah, most likely. I absolutely love holiday food. Minus the candy corn on Halloween that candy is just nasty.

Internet Hollywood: Last question; Is there any chance that we’ll get to see your first Christmas shoot this year?


Elizabeth: I’m not too sure, but b**** there might be.


Internet Hollywood: LOL. Thank you for the interview Brittany!



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