Brittany Elizabeth To Start Co-Hosting Internet Hollywood Radio with Prince Vega In January


Prince Vega – Internet Hollywood’s selfie Princess Brittany Elizabeth is now officially a part of  Prince Vega’s Internet Hollywood team. The model was recruited to the new growing team earlier this week, months later after being under review by our new committee.


The model is assigned to engage in social media promotions, marketing, and radio communications with our newly developed radio team. She along with Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega will discuss world news involving Internet Hollywood celebrities, world news, politics, and more.


Elizabeth is a familiar face that has made front page news on Internet Hollywood six times since her debut as one of our celebrities. She is one of the very few models that has a growing presence in Internet Hollywood with a very minimum amount of photo shoots.


The model will soon be scheduled to co-host Internet Hollywood radio in late December/early January.

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