Brysten Moss gives a heartfelt shout out to Danii Marie, Lauren Farrington Domini Linz, Isabel Vinson, Sonni Dicesare and more!

Shout Outs – Independent Connecticut model Brysten Moss texted in their shout out shortly after our interview over messenger. Here’s what their said:

“Danii Marie is one of my favorite models. She has the sweetest, most soft-spoken energy that just makes you want to melt into a million smiles. Absolutely precious. All of her work is ethereal. Lauren Farrington takes amazing ethereal photos and has one of the greatest eyes for style I have ever witnessed. Lauren’s partner, Domini Lenz, is another favorite model of mine. They are iconic in so many ways, and continuously blow me away with their unique poses. Both of them are incredibly talented artists as individuals, and the work they create as a team is simply out of this world. Lastly, Sonni Dicesare of Sonni’s Possibilities is probably the greatest makeup artist in New England, no exaggeration. I had the absolute privilege of getting to be a canvas for her this past January, and it was one of the best nights of my entire career. Her work is classy, elegant, and overall outstanding. Bonus: everybody already knows that I love Izzy and Melissa with all of my everything, but I’m also pretty sure I shouted them out last time and I want to give other people attention so I’m counting this as a mini shoutout. Love you ladies!!!”

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Photographer: Gabby Rodrigue: Facebook – Instagram