Buzz Alert: Connecticut model Ni Breezy to do a photo shoot with Massachusetts photographer Raymix-1000

Buzz Alert – I received some pretty exciting news that I can’t help but share even though no details of the story have been released yet. I just got word that independent Connecticut model Ni Breezy will soon be doing a photo shoot with Massachusetts photographer Raymix-1000. I recently received the exciting news over Facebook messenger and I couldn’t wait to share it with you all as soon as I had the chance to.


I’ve been working closely with Ni Breezy for about a month and during that time we discussed her plans to get more photo shoots to add to her portfolio. Raymix-1000 was one of the first photographers to let me know that he wanted to collaborate with Ni Breezy when I was raising awareness of her scouting for new photo shoots. I look forward to seeing the amazing work they come up with together.

Ni Breezy received her first publication in Internet Hollywood last month. She is currently in the process of being interviewed by us.





Ni Breezy: Instagram

J Mica Photography: Instagram



Schon-Ray: Instagram

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