Buzz Alert: Photographer Constantine Manos to receive brand new questions for his Internet Hollywood interview!

Buzz Alert – Massachusetts photographer Constantine Manos ( is a force to be reckoned with in the world of photography and I can’t wait to find out what he is up to for 2018. The long-awaited interview will soon come to end as new questions are being prepared to be sent to Manos to make up for the wait. Manos is responsible for a lot of content on He was one of the most active photographers on Internet Hollywood’s radar last year after engaging in a storm of photo shoots throughout the entire year. A lot of the independent models he collaborated with were published in Internet Hollywood last year. He is also the reason many got published on Internet Hollywood after he lit up the Internet Hollywood party with his camera and posted the photos online. The release date of the interview is not known at this time.


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Photographer: Johannie Valdez

Constantine Photos: Facebook – Instagram

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