C.C. Marie gives a shout out: “Shout to Phil Hovey at Good Rats Barbershop.”

Shout Out – A lot of people had taken the time out of their day to shout out their pairs after an interview we did over the past holiday, Halloween, Among the people I chatted with was independent Connecticut C.C. Marie. I had the pleasure of interviewing her in mid-October and she also gave a shout out to one of her great friends that celebrated their birthday that month.


“Shout to Phil Hovey at Good Rats Barbershop. 10/14, is his birthday. One of my great friends and I’m so blessed to have him in my life!”


C.C. Marie has always been a positive person towards me and I greatly appreciate that form of energy. You could check out her page by clicking the highlighted link below!




C.C. Marie: Facebook

Honja Photography (Photographer): Instagram

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