Cali Rapper Cthree Battles It Out With Gusto, S.O.S & Wayne Gordon On International Charts!


The powerful backing behind Cthree has earned the upcoming independent artist a strong position when sitting in a spot that remains hard for others to reach. The upcoming Internet Hollywood sensation faces an enormous amount of opponents that’s been chosen by our committee to compete in our international charts against artist growing from all over the world. The powerful S.O.S movement is using their force to dominate all those they face and so far the stakes is only getting higher in this battle. S.O.S recently scored a two member vote from our committee and against Cthree’s 6 member vote, forcing his reign to remain at 125 percent. The strong debut of the artist is due to the enormous amount of headlines he’s been receiving from the growing conflicts he involves himself with. Wayne Gordon’s slick way of handling each topic has not just gained him notoriety, but a positive energetic buzz throughout the committee in our universe. Ohio rapper Gusto remains a name that brings the trend cycle to our universe from weighing in his views on topics that has gained him exposure and responses from alternative models in the Internet Hollywood Realm. Wayne Gordon and Gusto’s unique calm way earned both artists a point that keeps them tied at 25 percent.

Cthree – 125%
S.O.S – 50%
Wayne Gordon – 25%
Gordon – 25%

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