California Rapper Cthree Responds To The Hype Behind His “Supposed” Subliminal Shot; Embraces Hip Hop

cthreeCthree is brushing off the energy behind our universe that hyped a bar from a written verse on his Facebook status that was directed at upcoming Connecticut rapper Snacks Giggaty. Instead of adding heat to the fire he toned it down out of respect for the nature of Hip Hop, adding that its the reason he currently makes music. Cthree didn’t bother to expand on his meaning when discussing it with one of our Internet Hollywood journalist. He continues to keep his name strong along side a vision he is finally starting to share with the world!

“The energy was magic,” he said. “Thats exactly why I make music to touch the soul and make you think. my comments made on HIP HOP made the culture step back and question whether or not we lost touch with the essence of who we are. Now the industry is being controlled by outside forces who don’t love the culture like we do, they rather make money ignoring the art which will destroy the foundation our forefathers built for us. I keep all this in mind when making music, so every time I am giving you a piece of me, so when I’m long gone my music will live on.”

Cthree captured the attention of the entire universe from his previous actions that caused a chain reaction within the whole entire universe. A gigantic amount of artists, readers and majors had things to say about the written bar that wasn’t even recorded on a song. Cthree has clearly made a gigantic impact within a short days after debuting! Cthree and Snacks Giggaty is the only unsigned artists besides Joe Banga to trend on Internet Hollywood!

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