Can Nattistid Shake Up Internet Hollywood’s ‘Top Model’ Billboard Charts In June?

Nattistid may not be a familiar name in Internet Hollywood, but soon it will be. The model has gained the attention of seven Internet Hollywood representatives before being submitted to a thirteen floor private committee for review. After winning the majority of votes she easily became Internet Hollywood’s newest celebrity. It may be hard to doubt whether she deserves the shot after seeing how amazingly talented she is. Her ability to transform into characters in each photo shoot has made each photo far more realistic. Her way of capturing our eyes proves just how unique she is in every way. She was made aware of Internet Hollywood’s social media power when it comes to making front page news before becoming one of our celebrities. nattstidThe level of excitement she brings to our digital world will bring dozens of new models to ProjectXPlatinum. Nattistid dedication to modeling will leave hard prints to fill for upcoming models that wish to accomplish what she has in Internet Hollywood. Within a short amount of time Nattistid has gained enough power to influence Internet Hollywood when epic battles like this month’s billboard mashup takes place. The dazzling superstar isn’t far from matching up with some of Internet Hollywood’s promising upcomers like Niki Vega, Sherry Soto, Nichole Hurley and Brittany Elizabeth. If she continues to pressure our committee with the weight of her unstoppable career, we’ll be forced to carry the successful load with dozens of front page news articles. So how far is she planning to go? It’s not known how long for now, but in weeks to come we are positive we’ll get a sign indicating if she’ll ever pump the brakes. It’s pretty clear that any type of decision that involves slowing her progress will be stupid on any level. The last thing any model would want to do is cause herself the #1 spot on our ‘top model’ billboard charts. We will just have to wait and see. When information is found out on the photo above we will credit the photographer for his amazing work with Nattistid!

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