Canadian Model Amandy Ranger discuss Be YOUnique, entrepreneur thinking, supporting other models, her greatest challenge, upcoming projects and more!

Beyond The Lens – Independent Canadian model and business owner Amandy Ranger is finally giving us some of her time to fill us in on what’s going on in her life. I’ve been following the model for a little over 3 years now and I have told her that I was a fan of her work in a few of our conversations. After all, she has been featured on Internet Hollywood four times. I don’t intend on stopping there.


I got in contact with the model and asked if she would like to be interviewed and she said yes. I sent the model a total of eight questions and received six questions in return a little later. Everyone we interview could freely make the decision to skip questions they may not want to answer. I’m pleased to get what I can out of the growing model and photographer. Enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Amandy Ranger*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Nothing is cooler than reaching out to great people from other countries that you know work hard to build their brand. I’ve witnessed you push yourself and help others on many occasions. You are definitely someone that I know cares about the well being of others and have worked to help others get to a better place in their career. But for those that don’t know, could you please fill them in on some information about you and what you do?


Ranger: Well I am a social worker. That is actually my career, so helping is in my nature. I am currently building the be younique models brand which are events I host for models and nonmodels wanting to expand or start their portfolio gain knowledge and develop connections in the industry learn to pose and model for various brands (some of which have provided me with hundreds of samples). We also have some amazingly talented photographers and makeup artists who join us!! Plus we are a drama and judgment-free zone where any “body” is welcome.


Internet Hollywood: What inspired you to invest your time and energy into modeling and expanding a brand (Be YOUnique) that actually supports other women that are modeling?


Ranger: I started to see other companies doing something similar but I felt that is was not inclusive to everyone or very supportive so I thought I would give it a try and it ended up being a success.


Internet Hollywood: How important is it to have that entrepreneur way of thinking to succeed in the world of business in this day and age?


Ranger: I think it’s a tough industry in general, is very competitive. An example of this (without disclosing too many details) is I recently had someone copy my events and use my images to promote them. It really bothered me at first because it’s false advertisement and girls are being misled but this industry is full of people like that! The best thing you can do is ignore it and push forward and hope that karma prevails.


Internet Hollywood: Does being a leader comes with a lot of worries and fears that something may not work out like you planned?


Ranger: I panic and don’t sleep for a few days before the event and usually the day of I am a mess lol I want the girls to have fun enjoy their experience learn and get the most out of their day. But despite that, once things start rolling I am fine plus I have my husband who helps me so much and sometimes I hire models to help out for the day.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of the things that you are working on now?


Ranger: Well things are a bit on hold due to an upcoming move…..stay tuned.


Internet Hollywood: What would you say was your biggest challenge during the process of getting to where you are right now?


Ranger: My biggest challenge was definitely believing in myself and pushing forward even though I had some struggles over the past two years. One of the biggest was quitting my career due to an unhealthy workplace but in retrospect, I am enjoying life again and able to put more focus on the Be YOUnique brand.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview Ranger!


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Photographer: Sen Anup

MUA: Ermi Riz

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