Cardi B & Offset: Cardi B says she wants to get married by the fall time but their popular careers are delaying it

Cardi B & Offset plans of getting married are still in motion but the bag keeps calling them because of they’re extremely popular careers! Both Offset (Migos) and Cardi B have been performing wonderfully on the charts and are currently, if not the biggest, one of the biggest topics in the Hip Hop community right now. Like them or not, nobody could deny Migos or Cardi B’s domination of the charts. So it’s easy to imagine how things may be extremely busy on their end.


The New York native spoke to E! News and filled them in with enough information on their relationship status at the moment. I’m not one that usually pays attention to people’s personal business but they seem to not mind. Here’s what she said:


“You want to know the thing about is. I really want to get married around the fall time, I love the fall time,” she began.”But, I keep getting, ‘Do you want to do tour around this time?’ ‘Hey do you want to do this around this time?’ And it’s just like—I’m touring, I’m putting out an album. He’s touring, putting out an album.”


Offset proposed to Cardi B in Philadelphia on stage at the Power 99’s Powerhouse concert.


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